Let us manage your office! 

We take over services around your office so that you can concentrate on the essential - your business. 



We know what to do - an experienced competent partner at your side.


With the latest technology & software, we work digitally - paperless.


We offer our service nationwide and are always available.

What we do

Our service areas around your business

Payroll accounting

Total handling of your ongoing payroll.

Financial accounting

Your finances are in safe hands with us - we are happy to carry out the current accounting as preparation for your tax advisor.

Office service

Analysis and optimization process of your daily business processes and projects.

Dunning service

Continuous monitoring of your receivables - with us you have everything at a glance. 


Small businesses - freelancers - start-ups - trade - craft - clubs - restaurants - and many more.

Why book an office service?

Years of expertise

All the paperwork is a big challenge for many and requires certain expertise. We have experience.

Pure relief

You take care of your core business and can drive it forward in peace while we take care of the rest.

Contact us

We support you in your daily office routine and take over
time- and resource-intensive routine tasks to relieve you. 

Marie-Curie-Straße 20, 40822 Mettmann

Mo-Fr: 8:30 am-17:30 pm